Norman Muller

FullSizeRenderBorn 1962 in Mexico City to parents of German and American descent, Norman Muller was influenced by international art and culture at a very young age. A son of an affluent architect, at 15 years old Muller observed the analytics of composition, exactness of foundation and the manner of which line and form add to one another. The architecture of Mexico City exposed itself as a base for what was to effect the direction of his art. Mexico City, a mecca for both old world and new contemporary sparked inspiration on many different areas for a young and budding artist. It was here where works by Diego Rivera, Siquerios, Rufino Tamayo and Pedro Coronel became early influences on the beginning of his career as a worldwide artist.

In true artist fashion, Muller spent his 20’s vigorously producing in his studio. A perch above the city bustle, his creative space served as an artists dream with the historic landscape and people’s movement as his canvas. This intensely beautiful environment is where he began the exploration in the technique of deconstruction. His works quickly evolved and found a harmony through the patterning of color. He became a fanatic about the science of Acrylics and the nature of how they layered, what techniques can be used for manipulating the paint and how they allowed for exposing texture.


Miki Gutierrez was born in Mexico City, in 1956. He studied his MBA at National University of San Diego and the AD2 at IPADE.  There have been 70 solo and 190 collective exhibitions. His work is in Dubai Palace, Parliament of Israel and the streets of Geneva and Vail.

He has exhibited in more than 50 museums as well as several galleries, among which are: Opera Gallery (in eight countries), Manuel Felguerez Abstract Art Museum, Aura Galleries, Museum of Fine Arts of San Luis Potosi, Museum of Independence, MUTEC, Urban Gallery, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Jardin Borda Cultural Center, Tlaxcala Art Museum, Monterrey Fundidora Park and Museum of Contemporary Art Ateneo de Yucatan. His work is currently exhibited in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beirut, Dubai, Vail, San Diego, Miami, Scottsdale, New York, London, Madrid, Paris, Geneva and Monaco.